About me

Satheesh Kumar, born and brought up in a middle class agricultural family in a small village situated in one of the breezy, tranquil geographical locations in Kerala, India. A silent observer, admirer of the serene nature and its heavenly beauty. An academic professional education in Law was not able to stop me from the unavoidable call and strong hold for nature’s art, ‘painting with light’.


Done Mass Communication and Still Photography. Started framing and freezing nature and its creations. The sense of aesthetics got naturally. Worked for some photo stock agencies.  Earlier, worked with some ad agencies as a copywriter trainee and a client servicing executive.


Took photography as a profession by special ordain. It is really God’s gift. Parents gave the support. Prof. Nantu showed the way. Got training from Mr. Vipin Das, renowned cinematographer-film maker and from Mr. Sivan, renowned photographer-film maker. Worked with Sanjay Ramachandran,. Vinod,. Pankaj Shah and. Manmohan Singh Arora. All are pioneers, talented and experts in ‘painting with light’ in their own area of specialisation.  All of them shared their knowledge and experience about the art and craft of Photography.


My professional exposure in major cities like Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Trivandrum and Coimbatore gave me a new and acute outlook. Bored of closed employer environments where creativity cannot be fully utilized, I came out.


Now, working as a freelance photographer in India capturing Automotive, Architecture, Food, Interior, Industrial, Products, Nature, Travel and, and more………


I am interested to travel and shoot extensively, not just conventional pictures but ………. classics!


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